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Increase your efficiency and turnover


Our Fee Structure is a [modular] System

Flexibility is at the centre of all of our tools: Within each of our tools you may only select a few individual functions, you may select a whole tool or all three tools together.

What price model works best for you?

Registration [Standard] Package
Customized registration for each type of event


1 event per year with individually desiged registration site
Up to 3 back office access accounts
Customized e-mail invitations and calendar invites.
Automated payment
Individualized registration form for different types of attendees. 
Tag reporting for all services
Pre- and post survey function
Easy on-site check-in process with QR code via in-house app
Statistics in real time
Weekly reports and statistics
Allotment management
[time change] support hotline
=> starting from EUR 1,750 per year


Registration [Premium] Package
Carefree handling of many events

Numerous events per year with individually designed registration site
Up to 6 back office access accounts
Customized e-mail invitation and calender invites.
Newsletter and countdown mailings
Automated payment
Several individualized registration forms for different types of attendees.
Easy on-site check-in process with QR code via in-house app
Social wall and data library
Statistics in real time
Google analytics
Weekly reports and statistics
Allottment management
[time change] support hotline
[time change] graphics support for customer-specific adjustments
=> starting from EUR 2,650 per year


Three Tool [All-In-One]
Mit automatisierter Expertise zum Veranstaltungserfolg



3 software solutions at one price
- Participants management [eBrain]
- Disposition management [eGuide]
- Project management [ePlan]
Unlimited events per year with individualised registration sites
Unlimited access accounts to the back office
Use all functions of 3 corresponding tools that cover the entire event cycle
=> starting from EUR 3,450 per year




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