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Designing the [Future]


Receive the tools needed for future event communication on the event management platform designed by our industry experts.

We have your back. No matter, whether you plan a virtual, hybrid or live event.

Which [event format] is the right fit for me?


Each event approach provides its own unique benefits.        

[In-person] Event

The most efficient format for networking   

Many participants do not only attend events for the content, but especially to have the opportunity to meet and exchange with other attendees and speakers. The human factor of networking and relationship building are the number one reason for attending live events.

[Virtual] Event

Efficient contect transfer, wider reach, lower cost 

Virtual events can be planned more independently of the attendee's physical location and are most - not all of the times - more cost-efficient. A virtual event enables you to reach a large global audience without compromising on interactivity. 

[Hybrid] Event

Maximum flexibility to reach a high number of attendees

The best of both worlds. Some participants can attend in-person whilst others will attend virtually.

[Virtual] Universe

The world of virtual experiences.

Create your own virtual universe and use the different meeting concepts to get in touch with your audience.
Experience how smooth interactivity, engagement and comfort can be integrated in your next event experience.





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Create [Spirit]

During social distancing times it has become very trendy to send over “snack packages” to friends, family and employees or meeting attendees so everyone can have lunch, dinner or just a drink together online from home.

Create a personalized experience.