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eTime provides safety through technology and progress



Make [events] safe

Using [eBrain] and the "Distancing Badge" simplifies the invitation process, participant registration, check-in and check-out during the event as well as applying physical distancing procedures and gathering contact data.

Distancing badges help observing the physical distance rules and the collection of participant data. With this intelligent bagde, attendees can be notified about their actual distance towards fellow participants. A LED light as well as a vibration alarm will notify your guest once the minimum required distance is not kept.






The challenging circumstances of the current Covid-19 pandemic have made us more creative and more resilient than ever. With our [eTime] solutions we are able to constanty adjust to the new normal.

Take a look at our solutions and how we can support your company’s meetings and events and keep creating experiences: Motivate your participates, qualify your speakers and reach your targets.




[Solutions] to help your team and business respond to COVID-19.

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