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[eGuide] - On-site support for tour management and event operations

Resource management quick and easy - everywhere in the world


[eGuide] is your trusted on-site database centrally merging all your supplier and tour information. All contacts, comlists, agendas, staff information and assignment are displayed here. Whether it is a convention, a meeting, a concert, a road show, trade show or incentive, [eGuide] simplifies the operational management of assistants, tour guides, security and other stuff with just a few clicks and without physical paper briefings.   


Our web-based software solution for your tour and group management. Functional on mobile devices to make your entire event experience available before, during and after the event.

[eGuide] was developed to gather all important supplier information such as restraurants, transportation and staff in one solution. On site you will have quick access to all necessary data.

Forget about numerous tables and sheets; you will find all information related to your event on your screen. Comlists, time tables, F&B locations, work schedules, supplier details and client requirements will be organized in one tool.

Digitalisation with our [eGuide] means no more printed tour sheets for guides, makes printed vouchers obsolete and spares you of many of the usual supplier briefing emails. By providing access to your partners, everyone will not only save time and effort but also have a positive impact on your ecological footprint.


Staff Deployment 

Ensure that your guides and hosts are on the optimal spot. Match the number, qualification and personality of your staff to your current needs.

Guest Management & Dispatching


Don't lose track of your number of guests per bus, per restaurant, per venue, per event. All insights in one general layout.

Resource Management


Get all the specifics on your offered services, from tour content including visits and concerts, menu selections and more.


Document Management


Update and save all important documentation on the road. From arrival and departure manifests to waivers. Sign online and let everyone know you are on track.


Voucher & Invoicing Management


Create virtual vouchers to redeem and confirm through the same platform. Link these to your invoicing process and save time.

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Decide who has access to your information. Share content, timings and reporting lines with your suppliers and clients.